urdu shayari in english translation

There Comes A Point In Your Life When You Realize Who Really Matters
Who Never Did
And Who Always Will
First Love Is Important But Last Love Is Very Important
A Friend Is Someone Who Knows The Song In Your Heart And Can Sing It Back To You When You Have Forgotten The Words
There Are Million Things In The World I Want
But All I Need Is You
Love Is When You Tell A Guy You Love His Shirt
Then He Wears It Everyday
Nobody Is Worth Your Tears
And The One Who Is Working Won’T Make You Cry
To The World You Maybe But One
But To One You Might Be The World
Tere Pyar Ko Paane Ki Khatirhum Har Had Se Guzar Jayenge…
Tujhe Pane Ki Koshish Mein Shayadapna Sab Kuch Hum Kho Jayenge……Agar Keh Do Ek Bar Ki Khush Rahoge Humare Binahum Apki Is Duniya Se Chale Jayenge……Maut Bhi Mile Apki Khusi Ki Keemat Parapki Kasam Apki Khusi Ke Liye Hum Mar Jayenge…
There Are Only Two People Who Can Tell You The Truth About Yourselfan Enemy Who Has Lost His Temper And A Friend Who Loves You Dearly
I Have Never Wished To Cater To The Crowd;
For What I Know They Do Not Approve
And What They Approve I Do Not Know
Let Him Who Would Enjoy A Good Future Waste None Of His Present
Aye Chand Usey Kehna
Woh Jo Dur Bohat Dur Basta Hai
Usey Koi Yaad Karta Hai
Behisaab Karta Hai
Usey Kehna
Jab Woh Kisi Aur Ke Sang Hasta Hai
To Phir Dur Bohat Dur Kisi Ka Dil Darhakta Hai
Jab Woh Udaas Hota Hai
Pass Uske Na Koi Gham Shanas Hota Hai
To Phir Dur Bohat Dur Kisi Ki Aankhon Se Lahoo Barasta Hai